Peach by Ben Newman / Store

I want to answer some questions.

Anonymous asked:
I think you're cute!✌️

My picture is out dated by a year or two, but thank you. = )

Sometimes, I Still Need You

I thought about the old days when I had a best friend.

I heard a song that I was shown by her and I enjoyed.

I try to have some feeling when I hear it for it reminds me of her,

But I can’t seem to feel anything for her anymore…

"Heart skipped a beat, and when you caught it you were out of reach

But I’m sure, I’m sure you’ve heard it before”

Made Coffee

Found out we’re out of milk.

Guess I’m drinking it black today.


Harley Quinn #1 Variant unedited version by Adam Hughes

I’m not one to take an others love.

Anonymous asked:
Do u like anyone right know ?

Hello anon, I do actually and I am happy you asked because I don’t really have anyone I can talk to about her. There’s this girl, very beautiful, and I really like her but the thing is, I haven’t talked to her. Not once. Yeah and I can’t find any reason to walk up to her and just say hello or anything for that matter. I have her for one class period and we don’t sit close. Every now and then I catch her glancing at me and I honestly don’t know what that means. Blah, it’s weird but I just have this feeling in my chest when I see her, but I don’t even know her.

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